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Annual report 2012


Please find the annual report for 2012

English School of Mui Ne Annual Report 2012-final

Latest report from ES-MN


Please see the latest report from English School of Mui Ne by pressing the link below.

ES update Nov 2012

English School of Mui Ne on Facebook


Dear friends,

English School of Mui Ne is now on Facebook where you can read the latest news from the school, see photos and videos and connect with other ES-MN friends.



The Next Step


We are proud to present ES-MN s latest project “The Next Step”. We think this could be a great way of supporting our students to a brighter future. Please read more about the project here:

The Next Step

Annual report 2011


Please find ES-MN annual report for 2011 here: English School of Mui Ne Annual Report 2011

A new year


2011 has now come to an end and we at ES are really happy with the progress we have done during the last year. All the students have worked hard and we have seen some great results in the subjects we teach in. We have now mixed up the students in seven of our eight classes. We did that to stimulate more friendship in the school and also to create classes where the students have equal skills. Our newest class (3A) has not mixed up with the other classes yet because they have not been with us for more than five months and they need more time to get familiar with ES and how we work.

Sunday is now review day where most students from all classes meet up in the schoolyard to summarize the week and review what they learned the past week by playing games and doing fun activities. This is done in mixed groups.

In our computer department we are focusing a lot on online learning, online research and less on Excel, Powerpoint and Word.  This is an active decision because most of the students have reached a good level using these programs but many of them need more training in gathering information from Internet and present it in a good way.

Toan (1D), Thinh (1D) and Hau (1D) have all won great awards this last month. Toan got an award for one of the best young leaders in the province. Thinh for her speaking and writing English skills and Hau for his computer skills. We are of course very proud of our ambitious and hard working students and we believe that this will stimulate their fellow students even more.

To conclude, we are following our plan and we are reaching our goals. We have a good and strong team, great students and the future looks bright for English School of Mui Ne.

Please check out some great photos at our blog http://www.esmuine.blogspot.com/

A short report from Mui Ne


I arrived in Mui Ne this Monday for a short visit in ES and I have now spent almost one week in our new school with our 160 students. It is amazing what the staff of ES has accomplished since I left the last time (four months ago).  Ms Vy and her staff should be extremely satisfied and proud of what they have done. The feeling when entering the new school is incredible, there are students EVERYWHERE. In the front yard there are at least ten students sitting practicing English, having discussions with teachers or reading books. Then you arrive in front of the office where it is packed with students and teachers in deep discussions. Passing the office and heading to the back school yard will give you the opportunity to see one of the many English lessons going on in the classroom. If you pass by the classroom you will then enter our beautiful schoolyard/garden where the action is intense with group work, discussions and games. If you visit ES any specific time you are sure to meet about 50-60 students in ES all involved in something with a big smile on their face. ES has become a place for our students to meet up whenever they want, a place to where they can study together, a place where they can be children even if some of them work long days in construction sites in the area. The new school is place where knowledge is spread from friends to friends, where the students feel at home and where big smiles are seen everyday.

New volunteers to ES-MN


Last October ES-MN had its first volunteer in the school and we are impressed and happy about what they have contributed with to the school. During the summer our friend Mican Franke joined us for a month and we all thank her for her hard work at the school. On the 3rd of September our next volunteers will arrive in Mui Ne, Cecilia and Kevin. They will stay for about four months. During the next nine months ES-MN will have at least nine new volunteers joining us. Some of them stay for one month some of them for over five months. All members of the school would like to wish you all very welcome to us!

ES-MN proudly presents the ES-MN Student Council


Three students in ES-MN have started The ES-MN Student Council, an incentive from the students to help other students and to contribute to the community. They have created their own website, communicating with other students and teachers by email and have just uploaded their first video on Youtube.

Communicating in English, using their computer skills and helping their friends all at the same time! All of us working with ES-MN could not be more proud.

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