English School of Mui Ne

By the Students

By: Minh Truong, class 2B

I love you
On Valentine’s day
I will give you some chocolates
And we eat together
On Monday
I meet you
And it’s raining
Wow! It is romantic
On Tuesday
I miss you very very very much
I can’t believe
I meet you again in the park
Oh! Your eyes look like little stars
And on Wednesday
My heart will be broken
If I don’t meet you
On Thursday
If you don’t meet me
I will die
On Friday
I meet you in a party
You wear red dress
Oh my god!
You are very attractive
You look like a strawberry
I want to eat you
Then, I invite you to dance with me
After this, we say goodbye
On Saturday
My heart will broken again 
Yesterday, I dream about you
Suddenly, you become a bad girl
Hic hic, I cry so much
On Sun day
Suddenly again, I can fly
I fly to your house
And I give you a kiss