English School of Mui Ne

New Volunteers and Recent Events


On December 25th two new Swedish volunteers arrived in Mui Né – Alex Carabi and Douglas von Euler. They have been very impressed by what they’ve seen so far: the students are the happiest children they’ve ever seen, the English skills on display are impressive and everything seems to be running smoothly.

The last few weeks have seen several fun events. Firstly two soccer tournaments, which were very tough encounters, with some great goals and super support from the students who didn’t play. Watch our video below to see some of the action!

On December 31st, ES-MN had its own News Years Party on the school yard, with each class performing either a dance or a play. 100 students, all teachers, almost 30 visitors from Sweden and what seemed like the whole village of Mui Né were in attendance. The teachers and the board were thanked by the students for their fantastic job in running and supporting the school, helping every student learn English and, as they put it, “becoming better people”.