English School of Mui Ne

Vietnamese New Year’s and Examinations


New Year
Due to the Vietnamese New Year, the last one and a half weeks have been off. After months of hard work this break has been well-deserved, both for students and for teachers. We finished the year with a small ceremony on the school yard. Toan, last year’s ES-monitor held a small speech and introduced Hoang, the new ES-monitor for 2010. Marcus Robell congratulated the students on a good year and said a couple of encouraging words for next year. Students thanked the teachers and the volunteers for what they have done for the school. Finally the new school yearbook was handed out to each student. Hopefully next year will be just as good as or even better than 2009.

Before the New Year’s break a big examination was held in every class. It contained a writing, a listening and an oral part. The overall results were astonishing. An improvement since the last examination three months ago could clearly be seen in all students. All of us involved in ES are very proud and satisfied about the results made by our students. This is proof that the students are learning quickly and working hard to reach their goals. Every day we are getting closer to the goal we all strive for – a better future for the children of Mui Ne.