English School of Mui Ne

Words from our Volunteer


Now I have worked as a volunteer at ES for two months and I guess it is time for me to tell you a little bit about my experiences.

First of all I must admit that I’m a lucky guy, it’s not often that you miss working when you are off.

Before arriving to ES I didn’t know what to expect, a lot of questions were running around in my head. How are the students? Are they polite? How should I teach? Will we understand each other? Will the teachers accept a foreigner? After being here for two months I can assure you, I had no reason to worry. The students and the teachers are wonderful and they have all welcomed me with open arms.

But now to the important part, how is it going for the students? The answer is – everybody has taken a big step forward and 70% of those have made very great strides. The students have not only made intellectual progress but they have also developed their self-confidence and ability to interact with other people.
Almost all kids have pronunciation problems (which is totally understandable since most teachers in the public school have big pronunciation problems themselves). Hopefully, in not too long a period ES could fix this. My biggest task here in Vietnam has actually been to help the kids with their pronunciation. Soon we will have even more volunteers from Sweden helping out with this.

Kind regards

Johannes Lundborg