English School of Mui Ne

Primary Education

At ES-MN we believe that education can change lives. We help our students set goals for life, and help them achieve them.

Some of our students are able to attend public school, for them ES-MN is a part time school that they attend in the mornings and at night. The school also helps and supports them to go on to higher studies at the university and to realize their dreams. Other students have to work to support their families and are not able to attend public school. Besides education in English and computer skills, ES-MN also provides these students with basic education, starting with Vietnamese literacy. Our goal is to help them through primary and secondary school and then to go on to higher education.

The school is focused on teaching students to communicate in English, as we believe this will be an important competitive advantage for them in their future careers. We aim to teach our students in a creative way in small classes where class activity is a top priority. Besides English education, ES-MN educates its students in basic computer knowledge. Each class has two classes a week where they can practice their computer skills together with experienced computer teachers.

There are eight local teachers employed at the school, in addition we also receive the help from English speaking volunteers. The volunteers assists the teacher and helps the students with their pronunciation.